Will you know when it goes down?

I’ve often wondered, will we know when the crud hits the fan.  It’s an interesting thought because on the surface we might all think well it will be some seismic event of a magnitude that is inescapable.  Though this is a possibility I suspect it will be a series of small events that really culminate into the fan getting shit upon it.

A quick scan of todays current events and we see headlines regarding Ebola, ISIS, Edward Snowden and the midterm elections.  This is just the highlight reel.  There are more events happening like the price of gas sinking and the stock market tanking in the past week.

So I ask a simple question to you all.  What is your defining moment?  Do you have one?  How will you know when things are no longer the way they were and you need to make a dramatic change to your world?



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So what if, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and all the other bad guys decided to show up on our doorstep?

Following this Syria story with great interest and even conflicting opinions within myself I have started to wonder.  What if all their rhetoric is true, now don’t get me wrong I don’t think it is, but what if the steady stream of threats to come after us is true, what if we are too arrogant to believe it?

The Blaze is reporting


Consider the places that they would want to go after, I won’t pick any specifics as I don’t want to be accused of giving the bad guys advice here, but if you think about the places that make the most sense they are also the places that are the most poorly capable of having an active citizens defense and response.

As it turns out I’m starting to realize that the right of the citizens to bear arms to defend themselves, their families and country is more than words.  I’ve never been in doubt of it’s validity but today it is starting to sink in that there is a serious potential reality where this will actually matter.

Given this is in the “think about it” section here, I would ask that you consider where you would feel the safest should our soil ever be invaded.  I can tell you without a doubt I want to be in a liberty loving and acting state.  So for me I’ll be in the south or I’ll be in Texas or Montana or Vermont or Arizona or any other state that has refused to infringe on it’s citizens rights to defend all that matters to us as an individual and as a nation.

Stop infringing on our rights they are rights after all how can they be infringed.  In return we will promise to act responsibly and follow all the rules just as we do today even to our own risk of personal safety.  Let us keep our country as free as possible.

For the record the content of this post, including it’s meta data, is considered private and the original author maintains all copyright permissions, permission has not, and will not be,  been granted for it to be searched seized or otherwise stored, in digital or hard copy format or any other unknown formats by any Government agency, official, worker, or anyone else who doesn’t support our Constitution and our principals of Liberty and Freedom.


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Almond Milk and Flour Recipe

Why do you want almond milk? Well for one it tastes really damn good and for two you can impress your friends with these ancient skills I am about to bestow upon you. Also it beats that store bought stuff any day since you know exactly what is in it.

so here you go here is the magic.

Recipe is basically 1 cup of almonds, 2 cups of water a splash of sea salt and a teaspoon of vanilla.

    • cover 1 cup almonds with water, let sit at least 8 hours or overnight make sure you add more water than almonds they’ll absorb the water so don’t be stingy.
    • drain water
    • rinse almonds with cold water
    • place almonds and 2 cups of water into a blender and blend away for a minute or 3 or 4 until it’s all smooth
    • take the liquid and the pulp and dump in a nut bag (yep a nutbag) or filter through cheesecloth
    • You can get a nut bag on amazon
  • squeeze and drain the juice, takes a lot of work (I need to make some sort of press for this)
  • clean your blender out (unless you want a smattering of pulp then just leave it as is)
  • pour the liquid into the blender
  • toss some sea salt in there a teaspoon or a few pinches whatever you dig
  • while you are at it put a teaspoon or two of vanilla in there, and real vanilla not that imitation vanilla crap, you can toss a vanilla bean in there also if you are into that kind of thing
  • if you want it sweet, and you shouldn’t, figure it out yourself I don’t add sweeteners to my drinks
  • blend it all together to mix then pour it out into a mason jar and refrigerate, you can put it in other jars if you want, but don’t, mason jars are awesome.
  • Then drink it but before you drink it start soaking more almonds because the batch you just made will be gone before you know it. Also I recommend doubling or tripling or more of this batch whatever your blender will hold.

Save the pulp dry it out in the oven on wax paper and toss in a food processor to make almond meal (flour) and use that instead of flour in everything because flour kind of sucks.

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Give the teachers and students a fighting chance.

While everybody argues about how we should defend our schools and should we have armed teachers or not and the children remain at risk how about we do something intelligent.

I’m talking about bear spray.  It’s non lethal, potent, and an immediate stopper in most cases.  Is it perfect?  Absolutely not.  Is it better than what they have today?  It’s like night and day at least there is a means of defense.

I am a staunch second amendment advocate and as a shooter I also no that bullets go through things, like walls, desks, doors etc…  I’m not sure how comfortable I am with rounds going off in a school anymore than I would be in an airplane.  A knee jerk reaction would be let the teachers defend with firearms but thinking through the scenarios I am fairly horrified at wondering where any rounds that don’t hit the target end up.  This is just reality.  You can piss and moan that I’m not a true 2a supporter by having concern about this.  I am a safe shooter though and the responsibility of that round is on the shooter from where it starts to where it ends.

I can’t help but be concerned about errant rounds especially when a teacher is forced into a tactical situation and is required to fire under duress.  I submit to you bear spray.

You can find it on amazon

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The fight for Marriage Equality is misguided and here is why.

Do I support gay marriage? My response it doesn’t matter, it’s none of my damn business. It’s none of your damn business either. Unless you don’t want a gay marriage and you are being forced into one at gun point then just shut the hell up about it and let people live their lives as they see fit.

I am trying to drive home a powerful point on this topic that seems to have fallen by the wayside. How is it people are having to fight for something that has got to be inalienable and indisputable, it is widely accepted that we have the right to pursue our happiness and if that happiness is marrying someone with matching parts then so be it. It certainly doesn’t deter me from my happiness if thats what people choose to do and it is certainly none of my damn business anymore than what color socks people wear or if they choose to grow a beard or eat ice cream.

Those ancient crusty old documents that everyone says are antiquated are spot on today, all men are created equal, let’s update that to people, we have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What is really happening here is a suppression of liberty and happiness, there should be no debate, discussion or supreme court ruling, it shouldn’t be necessary. This is no different then the supreme court deciding if we have the right to breathe or say words that are meaningful to us. I am horrified that we are not calling this what it is, suppression plain and simple.

Rights are rights and I say go get married and demand your rights are honored but please please please stop asking for something that is already yours it weakens your position.

I fully support equality, both personally and politically and yes they can be divided and still be valid but in this case they aren’t. Sometimes I wish I didn’t personally stand for marriage equality so I could still fight for it with nothing to gain but in this case it is both sides that I support.

My sincere hope is the supreme court rules with indifference and determines this isn’t a legal issue to be tackled it is an issue of humanity and god given rights that it are not capable of being ruled on, the best ruling would be it is not our place to tell people who they can and can’t marry and any discrimination or suppression in that regard has always been and always will be a criminal act in this land of the free and those who choose to interfere with such an act should be tried for treason against the citizens ALL CITIZENS of The United States of America.

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No imagining here just suspensions imagine that!

Imagine this a child in a schoolyard trying to save the world.  Then imagine he gets called out by the teacher for doing so.  Then imagine he gets suspended from school for pretending and imagining.  Well sadly all of this is an actual situation that happened to this little fellow.


He broke the absolute rule “no fighting” pretend or imaginary. How in the hell are they going to teach him about the civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, French American War, the Crusades, Napoleon, Ancient Rome? What happens when they try to teach Greek Mythology.  Would it be considered entrapment if a teacher says “imagine this, you are on the confederate battlefield” all students suspended except the one “smart” kid sleeping in class, unless of course he was dreaming about playing with his rescue rangers or gi joe, so he has to go to! I guess the only option is to pretend not to imagine what the fighting must have been like.

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Next time someone says “why do you need a gun?” Just point them here.

Countless stories get buried in the news, so it’s somewhat understandable that some people just don’t understand why others are so vehement about their right to protect themselves.  Here is a quick list of recent situations where law abiding citizens have defended themselves or others simply by being armed.  In some cases they were even able to stop the criminals with less than lethal actions.

All of these victims I can assure you were not looking for  fight.  They were attacked by criminals seeking to do them harm and invade their homes, vehicles and workplaces. What’s worse is these law abiding citizens though justified and not being charged for their actions will have to live with this trauma for the rest of their lives.  Humans care when they take the life of another human no matter how justified, at least good and decent humans.

  • A convenience store clerk and an immigrant defend themselves against attackers in Florida.  The attackers fired first and were aiming to kill, these men defended themselves and protected the innocent.


  • A man in San Antonio walks out to find a man going through the contents of his locked vehicle.  He confronts the man and lawfully defends his life and his property.


  • A family in TN had a man threaten to break their door down in the middle of the night.  They went for their firearms and called for help.  They called the police who responded remarkably fast, in just 4 minutes they were there.  Unfortunately it took less than 4 minutes for the criminal to break their door down and come in their home, even after being shot at.  This was a man determined to achieve his criminal actions.


  • A woman home alone in Oklahoma in the middle of the afternoon has a man kick her door in.  She was quick enough to grab her revolver and the man upon seeing the revolver closed that door he just kicked in and turned tail.  I bet she wishes she had more than 6 rounds available to her, I guess in NY she could have had seven.


  • A man in Houston has a criminal shove a gun in his chest as he tries to get into his vehicle.  Two nearby good samaritans come to his defense and give chase to the criminal while they are being shot at.  The victim a non gun owner sure seemed thankful that these two men happened to have their carry permits issued to them. This story is exactly what I was referring to when I wrote about our responsibility to protect the innocent



There are many more of these stories that should inspire others to learn why these people were able to defend themselves, and what lessons we can take away from these stories.  After all every single story we’ve posted here was a potential tragedy in the making that was averted.  Shouldn’t we talk to the people who stopped the tragedy, instead of guessing about how many bullets in a magazine it takes to make the magazine less dangerous.  It’s a two way street I’m sure the good guys sure wished they had a bigger magazine as well.  Don’t cripple us in our efforts to defend ourselves and to defend the innocent.

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Do we need an Arms ban? No not those arms…

A northeast Missouri man accused of killing a man, dismembering the body and setting fires to conceal the crime, hurled the victim’s arms at witnesses shortly before he was arrested, police said.

Given our propensity to ban anything that could hurt someone here is the perfect “arms ban” scenario for the talking heads to jump on next.


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Spring City councilman wants every household armed

SPRING CITY, Sanpete County — A small Utah town has a population of less than a thousand people, but the City Council is proposing that each one of its citizens own and carry handguns.

Read the full article here


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GA. Mom shoots intruder to protect her children

LOGANVILLE, Ga. — A Georgia mother hid her two 9-year-old twins and shot an intruder, Paul Ali Slater, several times during a home invasion on Friday, according to multiple media reports.



Read the article here.


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